Recent Projects

Boise Foothills

“Lauren was delightful to work with. She really listened to me (without judgment) when I told her that animal heads on the wall were non-negotiable. She incorporated them into the design without making my home look like a museum of natural history. I’m thrilled with the result – it’s so much better than I envisioned it could be.”

~Matt B.

“Lauren was easy to work with and very responsive. She gave us the feeling that she really cared and was invested in our project. We thought we were going to have to buy all new furnishings but we were able to keep some of it without it holding us back from realizing our vision. She challenged my choices for what I thought I wanted and offered ideas that were so much better!”

~Megan W.


Old World
European Style Kitchen

“We knew we wanted a kitchen without upper cabinets but plenty of storage. We were stuck on how our kitchen could be configured with floating shelves around the windows but not look small and choppy. We would never have thought of running shelves across the windows. Our kitchen design looks amazing!”

~Adam N.

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